July 7, 2008

Eight weeks old now.  They all got their first set of Shots on Saturday 7-5-08 and all were in excellent health the vet said.   Yellow girl went to her new home  in North Port FL where she will be loved very much.  The puppies love to play outside alot more now.  They eat great and sleep all night, now they wait to go potty outside.  They are all very smart! 

July 11, 2008
Pink girl went to her new home to live in Bradenton today.  This is the couples first dog together as a family, I know she will bring them lots of fun!

July 29-08

The three puppies we have available are crate trained and are very smart!  When its time to get in their crate I tell them get in bed now and you will get a cookie, they all go to their own crates, which is still in our living room lol  but we love it! and they wait for their cookie so sweet.  All three have great personalities.  The orange girl is more wild when playing with the other pups but she is a sweety and loves to give lots of kisses. The green girl is more cuddley, loves to bury her head in your neck and snuggle.  The blue ridgeless boy is going to be a big boy and he is a big love, hes always the first in his crate.  We named the boy BO BO, the green girl we call Zoey and the orange girl we call Sunny.   They love play time with mom and she is the first to put them in their place, very gently of course.  Yes they sleep all night!! They are very good babies.
We hear from the other puppies families often and they are all healthy and doing great!!  We miss them alot.