June 30,2008

June 30, 2008

The puppies are getting so big, at 7 weeks old we wormed them again today they also received their first flea treatment with Advantage.  Tomorrow we will go outside to play for the first time.     We bought them pig ears to chew on today and they loved them, kept them busy for a few hours.  They run around the house now full blast, they are so fun to watch and they are very happy puppies.  They will be ready to go to their new homes July 7, 2008.  The purple boy will be moving to Key Largo FL.  The Orange girl will be moving to Lakeland FL. The pink girl will be moving to Bradenton FL.  The Red or Black girl will be moving to North Carolina and the other girl will stay with us, who we plan on showing.  

They finally got to go outside this morning and what a blasts they had, they were'nt quite sure at first what that green stuff was under their paws lol they sorta acted like cats at first. Then they saw mom running and wanting to play and off they went, we had plenty of cool water for them, I think that was the first time they panted a little.  Being from Florida  I thought they better get a taste what the outdoors was like with out aircondition.  We will posts some outside pictures later, time for lunch now....