Lilly is our first Rhodesian Ridgeback we found from a breeder in Alabama. She was whelped October 4, 2005. We didn't know alot about the breed, only that they were a nice family dog.  What we wanted was a pet and a possible show dog.  Upon first seeing her, we thought she looked like a daschund and she was so big for 9 weeks old.  We fell in love with her anyway.  Then we started reading up and studying about the breed, trying to absorb as much information as we could so we could do everything right in raising a nice girl.  At 4 months old, I started going to conformation classes with her where we had lot's of fun.  In April 2006 when Lilly was 6 months old, we took her to her first dog show in Zolfo Springs, FL where she won her first point. Talk about a nervous wreck!  Lilly was like a pro.  I was very proud of her.   She was finished at 17 months old! You couldn't ask for a better personality and what ellegance!  She is a wonderful family dog and our best friend.  We plan on doing Lure coursing and agility with her in the near future

Well CH Lilly Mandisa Tucker CGC, SC has been very busy the last few years. May 2008 she whelped her first and only litter and one of her sons GCH TuckerRidge  Dugga Boy Simba Ridge was one of the Top 20 dogs at our National Specialty in Orlando FL  November 2013  We are so 
 proud of him. Thank you Manny and Linda Guanaurd for taking such good care of him. Also at our National Specialty, Lilly came in 3rd Place Lure Coursing in veterans!  
As of March 2013, Lilly was in the Top 20 Rankings in ASFA Lure Coursing! So very Proud of our  girl at 7 years old!!


A New Champion owner Handled