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Hello & Welcome to our page,

Our goal at TuckerRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks is to produce, Healthy, sound dogs with great Temperments and will strive to adhere to the breed standard.
We are members of RRCUS since 2006 in good standing. We OFA health test all of our breeding stock and we test beyond what is required. 

Our names are Stacey & Nathan Tucker. 
We live in sunny Sarasota, Florida .  

Stacey grew up in a show/breeding home with her family raising Dobermans 
and enjoyed showing the family dogs in fun show matches.

Stacey took some time off from the dogs for a few years to raise a family.  In 2005, we started  looking for a ridgeback.  A month later, we found a wonderful 9 week old show potential girl in Alabama. Lilly Mandisa Tucker, aka:Lilly.  (Mandisa is African for sweet.) 

    Lilly is our first  Ridgeback,  she is  handled by Stacey.
We are so proud of her. At the age of 6 months, she won at her very first show in Zolfo Springs, FL. earning her first point.
Wow, we were impressed!
After that she did very well at the majority of the shows.
On March 31, 2007, she became a new Champion at seventeen months old, not only winning the last point she needed, but taking BEST OF BREED!!  

The show bug has bitten us and we can hardly wait to expand our family of ridgebacks in the future.
They are a wonderful breed and we are very blessed to have such a sweet girl.

We have now expanded our ridgeback family. We welcome TuckerRidge Poetry In motion who we call Roxy.  Roxy was born May12, 2008 from our girl Ch Lilly Mandisa Tucker and the Sire is MBIS MBISS Ch Pupukea Ridge Ikaika O Spring Valley. 
Stacey is Vice President of our Fl club SSRRC this year 2009. 

Wow 2010 already Nathans business is doing well busy building kitchens. My daughter Taylor in High school already. Our boy we bred Dugga, is doing awesome in the show ring and growing up nicely.  Roxy is maturing slowly and she is the life of the party. She is showing nice but we want her to mature more  so we wont be showing her so much.  Stacey is now President of our Florida Club SSRRC so she has her work cut out for her but she loves it.

2011 Another year  has come and gone and Stacey is once again President of our Florida club (SSRRC) It has been another good year for her. She is ready to step down for 2012 and let someone else lead the club but will stay  involved. With much thought we decided to retire Roxy from the show ring, she is happier staying home and guarding our home.   Lilly is enjoying luring whenever we get her out there. We added another addition to our family last summer, her name is Pepper.  We got her from a breeder in PA. She is doing great with Conformation & Rally classes.  She recieved her CGC at 6 months old with Nathan!  Look for her this winter at the Florida shows!!

June 2016 Our newest member to our RR pack is Joon also from Pennsylvania born 6-7-14  She earned her AKC Championship, Owner Handeled by Stacey 6-23-16 at the Orlando Cluster shows! Very proud of this girl. Look for  Joonbug this Fall on the field.  We are still involved in our Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club in Florida. Stacey is on the board and Nathan helps out on the field or where ever needed.  Nathan is also involved in Barn hunting with Joon. They are a great team! 
January 2017 Joon the proud mama of 11 pups were born. They are all thriving in their new homes. The puppy we kept is Penny who is a breath of fresh air.and the newest member of our pack.  She is the sweetest puppy, loves to snuggle with everyone. 
Penny took off in the show ring at 10 months old winning her first Major for 4 points in Ocala FL 2017. Penny did it again the 2nd weekend in Ocala Fl 2017 winning her 2nd Major for 5 points!
January 2018 Penny started the year off right winning her 3rd Major for 5 points and winning BEST OF BREED win out of Bred By class Over Specials with Top Handlers at the Brooksville Florida Circuit! 
Penny in Davie FL 2018 winning her 4th Major 2nd Best of Breed out of Bred by class over Speicals & one of the Top 10 dogs to earn Her new Champion Titie at 13 months!  See Penny's page for pictures of these amazing wins!
We had 3 pups from Joon's first litter become Champions and 2 pups from her 2nd litter become Champions which gave Joon her ROM Title. We were very proud of them all.   
2020 Stacey won #1 RRCUS OWNER HANDLER!
2023 time is flying by, we have been busy with Nathan making trophies and Stacey handling Nova her 7th Champion. Stacey is on the board of our Sunshine Rhodesian  Club. Look for some exciting news soon here at TuckerRidge. 

We are members in good standing of :   

          The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States 
           The Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Florida 



Is a Ridgeback right for you

We are here to help educate others and to find if a Rhodesian Ridgeback is the right dog for you. Ridgebacks are a wonderful breed but are not for everyone.  Please research as much as you can about this breed before you acquire about one of these awesome dogs.

If you decide that a Rhodesian Ridgeback is the the right dog for you
and your family please feel free to contact us. We sometimes know of
adult or rescue dogs looking for that FOREVER home.
We have puppies occasionally please contact us for more information.
If we do not have any available we may be able to help put you
in contact with another reputable breeder.

Thank you! Stacey and Nathan Tucker   "AKC Breeder of Merit"

Became AKC Breeder of Merit 2021

Stacey was RRCUS #1 Owner Handler for 2020!! Very proud owner & Breeder

Stacey with Joon & Penny in Alabama on vacation Ridgebacks 2018

Nathan Hiking on vacation with Joon & Penny 2018

Our dogs

Our gang at TuckerRidge from Left to right- Joon, Lilly, Pepper & Roxy 2016