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The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very noble breed,  known for their power, dedication and courage.  The ridge on their  back is their identifying mark.  Our Ridgback today is descended from a variety of breeds which were crossed by settlers of South Africa and Rhodesia with the native dogs of the Hottentot tribe.  Having superb hunting ability, they were used for tracking and trailing large animals and also kept them at bay for the hunters.

The ridgeback is a devoted family dog, loyal to his owner, and reserved with strangers.  A dog with independent character, who takes his responsibilities of companionship, protection and family dedication to heart.  They never forget love and understading, nor do they lightly forgive harsh treatment. Their physical attributes should reflect his role as guardian, companian and hunter.



CH Celtic Lore's Nuclear Fusion At TuckerRidge CGC, TKN " Nova" Who was bred by Dawn Garbett from Alabama Who we Co Own with. Nova is my 7th Champion I finished Owner Handled. Nova finished at 17 mo old Very proud of this young girl.

CH TuckerRidge's Eternal Flame So proud of Ember our 6th Champion and 2nd to finish out of Bred by classes January 2021 Joon/General litter 2018 First time Nathan missed out on the Champion picture because the show was on a Friday so he was working.

CH TuckerRidge The Gunslinger He was 1st Champion out of Joon/General litter 2018 & 5th Champion handled by Stacey Tucker, breeder. Roland first time walking in the ring won back to back majors. Owned and loved by Adam Bletcha and Catherine Landrigan & his baby sister. He was shown very limited and finished his Champion quickly. Very proud of this boy!

CH TuckerRidge Worth Every Penny JC "Penny" We Our proud to announce our 4th Champion First one out of Bred By exhibitor Classes Getting 4 Majors and two Best of Breed Wins at the tender age of 13 months old. In 2018